Sunday, 6 December 2009

Woody works

Last night, I went to see Woody's new comedy. I have not missed a Woody movie, and some I have seen like 20 times (definitely Annie Hall is one of those movies).
I must say, that I have probably enjoyed this movie more than any other of Woody movies because I could not stop laughing. Also, when I first watched Annie Hall and Manhattan, I was much younger and could not really get all strength of the punchlines the first time round.
Whatever rocks is amazing. I dont want to spill the beans and destroy it for you by narrating the plot, but I must say, that Woody is back!!! Finally- After the last few years of mediocracy compared to his unbelievable genius (with the exception of the role of Maria Tereza that Penelope Cruz gave us last year) hungry Woody's fans got something that was worth waiting.
The movie is filmed again in New York - where they should have a statue of the guy somewhere in a prominent place - the characters are split into categories.
Of course he touches upon his favorite subject - religion and ridicules it, only this time the victim is Catholicism and not Judaism. He also of course explores the power and hypocricies of relationships and how they can turn someone's life around, for the better or the worse and eventually it will set them free. His genius rests not only in punchlines, an unbelievable script and a sarcastic search for the ultimate truth, but also for the contrasts he represents between and within the protagonists. Before and after they let go and accept that life is all about finding whatever works to make us happy after we got rid of all the societal must and should and would and take it as it comes. I adored the scene with the 5th symphony when the mother of Melody enters the room. I think that's when my first tears came out haha
I have to tell you that there were times that I had tears in my eyes from the laughter and the whole theater was shaking.
I will definitely see this one another 19 times. At least

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