Monday, 25 January 2010

Junior is Back

All this time that Junior was gone, I had not cried. For some reason I was hoping that this was not the end of him. Until yesterday I saw Grizoulis on his bed like if nothing happened. Like if he had not been away for more than ten days. So after I saw Grizoulis and fed him, I burst into crying as I thought then that Grizoulis is back, Junior isn't this means that he is dead...
So I cried for some time and then when I was exhausted just sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. Five minutes later Klelia was barking and wanted to get out to the garden. I opened the door without looking and sat on the sofa again. Then a miracle happened. I heard a cat miewing with a very low voice - nothing like Patty or Minnie (Yes, I have to tell you about Minnie - or minou, my new pet addition) - it sounded like...Junior I thought. And immediately I turned my head and he was there looking for me and waiting for his food. As if nothing happened. I was so ecstatic, he started purring the moment I called his name in joy and for ten minutes I just held him in my arms and kissed him. I have never seen a cat hungrier. It is as if he had not eaten in days. Well, served him right for leaving his mummy like that.
So, all good, Junior is back and I am not sad anymore

Monday, 18 January 2010

Day 5

and Junior (and Grizoulis) still gone. Today I talked to some construction workers nearby to check the building in case animals are trapped inside...The guilt is starting to built up. I can't help to think that had I not taken in Aristos making him the third dog, and not punishing Klelia enough for chasing Junior, he would not have gone...
I am hoping he will be waiting for me tonight...

Sunday, 17 January 2010

My baby is gone

My baby cat Junior, is gone since last wednesday night. He never left for that long. I found Junior in early June 05, about two months old, outside my home at the time, in Nea Filothei. His left eye was covered with a thick white layer of something, not sure what it was. He was hardly moving and very small for his age.
I immediately took him to the vet, and he took good care of him, but told me that this cat was not going to make it. But we tried, gave him the medications, had him in a self-made incubator-type box that I created out of a thick moving box placed ontop of a heater for about a month. Every day for two months I was afraid that I would come home and find his tiny little body frozen.
But he wasnt. He and Zizou became best friends. Junior grew up to be a very tall grey tabby, his eye was clean after a year that I had to put ointment on it twice a day but never totally healed. His left eye kept running so he needed some eye drops, but that was it.
In March 2007, just a couple of days before I left for Argentina, Junior stopped eating. Again, rushed him to the doctor and his sugar lever had gone sky high, close to 700 (normal level for cats is about 150)....The vet was my friend and kept him in his clinic for eleven days, treated him and Junior was back to life again.
Since that time, Junior had no problems, medical checks but he was fine. His eye would run but that was it
A healthy lively gorgeous cat. He was the ruler of the neighborhood. Grizoulis, the only bigger cat around, I knew him when he was born, he was raised in my porch but never let me touch him and take him to the vet. However Grizoulis and Junior became best friends and they would sleep very often in their little houses in the terrace looking at each other.
Since Wednesday, both Junior and Grizoulis was gone. Both gorgeous cats.
Junior was one of the tenderest cats I have known, he would purr just by recognizing my shadow and he would be just like cats should be. Tender yet autonomous, walking around yet coming home every night, afraid of people yet extremely protective of his mummy and home. At times I would walk the dogs to the park and he would shadow us, coming with us but afraid of the other dogs just kept to himself on a tree nearby overlooking the dog play in the park
He was not a people cat, but he loved me. He understood I saved his life. I dont think he appreciated so many other cats and dogs in the house, that's why he spent most of his time in the great outdoors. I was always worried about that, but then again, that is what a cat nature is: to hunt outside. His life was five star in terms of cat standards. His presence was always so aristocratic and discreet you could not tell he was in..well, only when he was hungry he could make sure he got noticed.
I am devastated that my gorgeous baby is gone missing. I can only imagine the worst..Tomorrow will be the fifth morning that he is missing...I can only think that I gave him five more years than what fate had stored for him. I can only hope that he did not suffer has he met with his end.
My only consolation would be if he understood how much loved he has been

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

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