Monday, 6 October 2008

Pou pas re Karamitro?

None of the two karamitroi above have understood which team they serve. Incomprehensible apathy from the bench from one side (Donis) and from indside the pitch from the other (Basinas)
The best player of the game, Peletieri made one mistake and Olympiakos celebrates the first goal. Yet, Basinas was the worst player of the entire game and AEK played with 10 since the begining. Juanfran's suspention left her with 9.
Donis is learning how to be a coach and Basinas is now finishing his 'ensyma'
I appreciate and totally understand Demis' position not to go to Karaiskaki (Olympiakos did not give AEK fans tickets and Demis stayed away like the rest of us - plus I would have trouble to go to Karaiskaki even if Madonna would perform) but I am only hoping he watched the game. I understand that Basinas WAS a good player and of paramount importance in gaining the Euro, but why do we have to become an elephant graveyard?
Not to mention that in the entire game Olympiakos had 2 shots and 2 headers and scored two goals. The game sucked.
Aisxos! What was worst, I missed the REM concert to stay in and watch the game. AISXOS!!!!

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