Sunday, 2 August 2009

An atrocious crime that has gone many more similar crimes take place daily and we do nothing?

People of Kavala, residents and tourists, adults and children, witnessed the most atrocious crime this year.
Someone driving a car at high speed had tied a dog from his leg and only stopped when the dog was definitely tortured to death and threw him in the garbage happy for his deed. The article says that everybody was shouting to him asking him to stop. The police apparently is looking for him. Of all these bystanders nobody managed to get his license plate? And what if the police caught him? You know how much is the fine according to Greek law against animal protection? 400-2000 euros in fine or max 3 months prison. Of course the judge could ask for a higher sentence claiming that he shocked underaged or that his driving was reckless etc.
Torturing a poor animal to death does not, in this country, guarrantee a life sentense as it should. I wish sometimes I was an outlaw. Someone that would take vengence of acts of crimes that go unpunished.
Unfortunately I am not. Nor can I influence policy makers to re-think the law about animals.\

Here is the link of the article,
of the flawed greek law
and a beloved Mobby tune that takes new meaning if you watch the clip

Enough with Jacko already

Unfortunately the sad King of Pop can still not rest in peace. The investigation about the causes of his death is still open. There is speculation that he killed hismelf or that he was a victim of malicious act.
Please! Is it so hard to swallow all the millions of fans that they have played a huge part of his death? A slow death that started about 20 years ago?
Michael Jackson is probably one of the most miserable people that ever lived this earth.
His father ought to be hanged in public no doubt. So should the majority of the rest of his family. And the press. The fans as well. Michael had not produced something of value for at least 10 years. His ghostly white skin with his nose coming on and off should be a ticket to the best possible mental clinic that his money could buy.
But the emptyness of the majority of people that want to feel greater in the presence - even mental - of someone great allowed him to continue to kill himself slowly. He could never be MIchael of the Jackson five or of Thriller or even of Dirty Diana (by that time he was also becoming something of a clown)
His fans now say that he made a breakthrough in music. Well yes, about 30 years ago. What has he done recently? Nothing much because he couldnt. The poor lad could hardly walk or talk or even breath unaided.
Fans should demand that his idol - if they loved him as much as they claimed - should go in a clinic. He should look after himself. Not in the sick way that he thought he did. Instead they let him think it was alright to be abnormal. Or they called him a freak.
Michael needed to be loved in a healthy way. Nobody did that.
So, that investigation in my mind is extremely hypocritical. We all killed Michael. By allowing him to stay out of therapy.
What's worse, is that people still make money out of him. I hope that his soul will eventually rest in peace that he could not find among the living.

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

Don't you wish you were hot like Frankie (the Pug)???

Pugs talk!