Friday, 23 January 2009

Fab Jill saves the night

I understand that Michelle dresses down in order for the voters not to believe that the Obamas' wallet is fashion deep, but then again so does Barack. Only that he is classy and she is far from it. Thank God that Jill Biden has much better fashion sense.
And this has nothing to do about triviality of fashion. It has to do with aesthetics. Jill not only has good taste - marrying Biden proves the point as he is the best groomed politician and a very classy gentleman - but her choice of her sensual red gown was a clear political choice. The gown was created by Libanese designer Reem Acra. Michelle can definitely do better than what she does. Classy does not mean expensive. It can mean beautiful, smart, sensual and as Jill dared us, political. As far as to what the political message was, I leave it to you to connect the dots :-)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Once a wolf always a wolf

Microsoft is again the buzzword of european anti-trust courts. They are now including internet explorer as a bundle for their windows software.
This is how they became so big. I understand anti-trust laws etc etc
So what? They will pay the fine. And will continue business as usual. After all, it is the law of the sea: big fish eats small fish.
BTW, I use mozilla, even though my laptop is operating in a microsoft windows environment and internet explorer was offered there. So what? I downloaded mozilla and off I go. So, the truth actually is that Microsoft did not deprive me - the consumer - the choice. Even though I am not a big fan of the software house, I find all these law suits a bit useless and pointless.
I would be more interested to have someone come up with a more reliable operating system than windows (well linux is) that is equally user friendly (well linux isn't) and they could bundle armagedon if they liked..

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

my 2008 top ten worst experiences

1. Amy's death
2. Dad's heart problems & hospitalization
3. my family's economic problems
4. Aunt Mary's hospital flirt
5. Fires in Athens
6. Dimitri's car crash
7. Animal abuse
8. Greek government performance
9. Chinese occupation in Thibet not abolished
10. Zimbambwe's continuous amputation

my 2008 top ten best experiences

1. Zizou & Klelia's negative Kalaa-zar test, Oct


3. Athens 10k parallel race to the Athens Classic Marathon, Nov 9

4. Obama acceptance speech, Denver Nov 4

5. Madonna Sticky and Sweet concert, Athens OAKA stadium Sep 27

6. Photographic tours of Paris & San Francisco, 2nd & 4th weeks of Aug

7. John Digweed performance, Cavo Paradiso, Myconos Jul 30

8. Heath Ledger's Joker performance in Batman, the Dark Knight

9. Obama's president elect speech, Chicago, Nov 11

10. Myconos holidays Jul30 - Aug 4

Monday, 12 January 2009

Greeks' comfort zone

The Greek flag is white and blue to represent the sea waves and the foam. The five horizontal blue stripes represent the five seas. The cross is the reference to the orthodox religion that Greeks are baptized into since early age*
This trivia piece of information only to elaborate the point that Greece is a naval country and its people have close connections to the sea.

Now take a mental tour away from Athens, fly over the Balkans or Northern Italy and reach Switzerland. The heart of Europe, a beautiful, rich, mainly mountainous country. Dominated by the Swiss alps. None other alpine village - or small town - is as famous as Gstaad. Probably not famous as a ski resort - French, Italian, Austrian or other swiss towns are more famous about their pists. Gstaad is famous about the rich and famous, its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the luxurious chalets. People do ski there and I would expect to have the highest concentration in the world of chanel ski sets (yes, the fashion house does design skis and ski uniforms) but skiing seems not to be the favorite passtime

I would also expect that Greeks would make up of a high proportion of the population of Gstaad. I would also expect to hang out with each other. What I would not expect is that the 'greek hanging out place' in Gstaad would be called 'The Gstaad Yaught Club'**. Talk about comfort zone.....Unlike most other yaught clubs that exist in the world though, no sailing boats are to be seen anywhere near it..You can check it out here:

NB: *(about the non-separation of state and church I will revert to a different posting - too big of a topic to discuss here)
**I swear of not making it up. I have been informed by a Gstaad permanent resident (half greek).

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My first vinyl album

I think I was about eleven or twelve when I bought myself, with my own pocket money, my first vinyl album. Yes, back then the delivery mechanism for music was the LP - or the single - in black round vinyl disks.
I actually went with my brother - the two of us - to shop. Alone. For the first time in our lives. I had no idea back then that the title song of the album that I had bought would be one of the most classic of all the one time classic songs. Unfortunately so.
The year was somewhere in the early eighties. The group was Human League. The song was Lebanon (Top3 in UK charts the first week of release despite boycotting from UK radio at the time and with no MTV to broadcast; this tells you something about the song)

Great song, gloomy topic, still relevant, geography slightly different. All great art is always relevant. Unfortunately in this case, this is a great work of art that I would have loved to put in some old drawer and never listen to again. I have bought many LPs, and CDs later on. I think the lyrics of this songs are the ones that I will never forget. Unfortunately!

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

Don't you wish you were hot like Frankie (the Pug)???

Pugs talk!