Monday, 12 January 2009

Greeks' comfort zone

The Greek flag is white and blue to represent the sea waves and the foam. The five horizontal blue stripes represent the five seas. The cross is the reference to the orthodox religion that Greeks are baptized into since early age*
This trivia piece of information only to elaborate the point that Greece is a naval country and its people have close connections to the sea.

Now take a mental tour away from Athens, fly over the Balkans or Northern Italy and reach Switzerland. The heart of Europe, a beautiful, rich, mainly mountainous country. Dominated by the Swiss alps. None other alpine village - or small town - is as famous as Gstaad. Probably not famous as a ski resort - French, Italian, Austrian or other swiss towns are more famous about their pists. Gstaad is famous about the rich and famous, its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the luxurious chalets. People do ski there and I would expect to have the highest concentration in the world of chanel ski sets (yes, the fashion house does design skis and ski uniforms) but skiing seems not to be the favorite passtime

I would also expect that Greeks would make up of a high proportion of the population of Gstaad. I would also expect to hang out with each other. What I would not expect is that the 'greek hanging out place' in Gstaad would be called 'The Gstaad Yaught Club'**. Talk about comfort zone.....Unlike most other yaught clubs that exist in the world though, no sailing boats are to be seen anywhere near it..You can check it out here:

NB: *(about the non-separation of state and church I will revert to a different posting - too big of a topic to discuss here)
**I swear of not making it up. I have been informed by a Gstaad permanent resident (half greek).

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Unbelievable! Only Greeks! Loved the link with the Greek flag. Clever!

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