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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dog walkers

A trend that I first saw on the other end of the Atlantic, in Buenos Aires, is that of dog walkers. These are people that take the same dogs each day for walks around Buenos Aires to its numerous parks. After the dogs walk for around a few hours, they are taken to a distinct park area which is designed for dogs toilet. Yes, they have allowed perhaps 1/20th of each park where dogs can go and poo. Then I believe the dog walker will have to collect the poo and throw it to designated bins.
They travel with 10 or at times 20 dogs in such an orderly manner that I was amazed. Sometimes I can not walk in such way my two dogs because one might want to go left and the other right
Well, the way they do it is by having a leader dog, usually is the dog of the dog walker. So when the dog walker wants to give a command to the herd, he only gives it to the dog captain and the captain then with body language I presume, or perhaps some low voice barking involved, is telling the others where to go.
I thought it was brilliant and much much much necessary.
The dogs get to two a 3-4 hour exercise routine during the day and the dog owners don't feel guilty for not having the time to do it. And the dog walker gets to have some money to pay the rent.
At the end all are happY

I also saw this in San Francisco, but the dogs were smaller in numbers, but there was no dog captain there. Also, I have not seen that in San Francisco with large breeds, whereas in Buenos Aires, there were all breeds possible.

In any case, I was happy to see it happening at any place or any variation. At least some humans realize that we can work for animals
The girl in San Francisco, I asked her if all the dogs were hers. She replied: "No, I just work for them".

Brilliant answer!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

kittens update

They are now at second week of life. They are doing well. I found out there are 3 boys and one girl. The girl, Ginger, was about to die and a few nights ago I had to stay up all night to give her half a ml of milk every fifteen minutes or so - I had to force it down her tiny throat and I was afraid to break her. But she is fine now. They are all doing great and they all start developing their own personalities.
Let me at this moment present you with each one of these wonderful little kittens and will soon post more on them.
The two orange ones are a boy and a girl, so it is Ginger and Fred, the big guy is Rambo - he keeps drinking, and the pretty one is Eros.
Cute names, eh?

Rambo Drinking

Ginger and Fred

I could not manage to get a decent picture of Eros yet, but here he is, the darker one with the rest of them.

In the picture below is Eros, Fred and Rambo

Friday, 1 May 2009


Having recently quit my job I am enjoying every moment to the fullest. I feel blessed to just google in the middle of the day whatever comes to mind. So, yesterday I was really trying hard to find out what kind of organizations for animal protection exists in Greece - a huge joke, right.
In any case, my search eventually led me to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a US-based charity organization that has recently branched in Europe.
One of the things that PETA preaches (and I am about to try it out) is the vegetarian life style - its benefits to all parties involved: the slimmer and healthier vegetarian human, the greener planet and the alive animal.
On their home page (both US and UK) they have the free vegetarian starter kit

I downloaded and also ordered the hard copy to be mailed over.
Guess what:
I got a message (twice as I thought I was dreaming so I filled the ordering form twice) saying: We are sorry, we can not post to your location, or some BS like that.
Excuse me? I totally agree that I live in a country of barbarians when it comes to animals, but for the love of God, why can the miniscule minority of us who do care about non-human life, be discriminated against?
I really did not expect that and it absolutely raised my eyebrows. Is it a question of a business deal between PETA and the Greek post office?
Is it a question of money? why is it possible to mail to Italy and not Greece? Seriously I have no answer to that.
Yet, it occurs to me that PETA and other organizations like that are doing it all wrong. Being an animal protector in the US is fine, a cause worthy and all that. But why is it not being an animal protector - by vegetarianism in this case - in such a barbaric state such as Greece? I am not saying that there are not appauling cases in California, but they will be the exception. I am afraid animal abuse in Greece is quite common and the country needs desperately such activist groups. The darker we are on this the worst off the animals will be. You see Greek villagers for example, think it is perfectly alright for an animal to spend the entirety of his life tied up in a rope of one meter long without ever getting unleashed. And this is common practice. So PETA you'd better get your act together and not only mail the veg start kit in Greece but also set up your most powerful of branches because the abuse of animals in Greek provinces is a daily and very common occurrence and nobody does anything about it

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

Don't you wish you were hot like Frankie (the Pug)???
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Pugs talk!