Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dog walkers

A trend that I first saw on the other end of the Atlantic, in Buenos Aires, is that of dog walkers. These are people that take the same dogs each day for walks around Buenos Aires to its numerous parks. After the dogs walk for around a few hours, they are taken to a distinct park area which is designed for dogs toilet. Yes, they have allowed perhaps 1/20th of each park where dogs can go and poo. Then I believe the dog walker will have to collect the poo and throw it to designated bins.
They travel with 10 or at times 20 dogs in such an orderly manner that I was amazed. Sometimes I can not walk in such way my two dogs because one might want to go left and the other right
Well, the way they do it is by having a leader dog, usually is the dog of the dog walker. So when the dog walker wants to give a command to the herd, he only gives it to the dog captain and the captain then with body language I presume, or perhaps some low voice barking involved, is telling the others where to go.
I thought it was brilliant and much much much necessary.
The dogs get to two a 3-4 hour exercise routine during the day and the dog owners don't feel guilty for not having the time to do it. And the dog walker gets to have some money to pay the rent.
At the end all are happY

I also saw this in San Francisco, but the dogs were smaller in numbers, but there was no dog captain there. Also, I have not seen that in San Francisco with large breeds, whereas in Buenos Aires, there were all breeds possible.

In any case, I was happy to see it happening at any place or any variation. At least some humans realize that we can work for animals
The girl in San Francisco, I asked her if all the dogs were hers. She replied: "No, I just work for them".

Brilliant answer!

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