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Friday, 20 November 2009

Time and purpose

Time, or rather the lack of, is probably the most common denominator in any large urban center. Especially in western cultures, although I am sure pedestrians in Tokyo walk as fast as newyorkers.
Time as a concept is cruel. It ages us, it gives us stress, it is found in the roots of most evil dids. That very stress though, caused mainly by the lack of time, it is one of the most necessary evil components of self-worth. Idleness and lazyness is fantastic for the annual two-week holiday, but on a daily basis is probably the most certain path to depression.
It is our busy schedule, our lack of time, the need to have more than 24 hours in a day, that actually gives us worth. Slightly more important than what we actually accomplish. By being busy and thus feeling important we find purpose in life. Whatever the outcome
Think about that for a sec and tell me if I am wrong

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

November is here

Actually mid-november, a month or so since my later posting. In the meantime, we had elections, we had a historic win of PASOK, the first positive signs of the new government, my brother's sudden surgery, the opening of Fastrack, the rushing of my aunt at the hospital and her near-death experiences, the saving of Aristo the Griffon, and many other things that I will slowly comment on, given time constraints
In the meantime, enjoy one of my all time favorite songs that I heard again recently and once more made me bow to the genius of the man who created it.

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

Don't you wish you were hot like Frankie (the Pug)???
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Pugs talk!