Friday, 20 November 2009

Time and purpose

Time, or rather the lack of, is probably the most common denominator in any large urban center. Especially in western cultures, although I am sure pedestrians in Tokyo walk as fast as newyorkers.
Time as a concept is cruel. It ages us, it gives us stress, it is found in the roots of most evil dids. That very stress though, caused mainly by the lack of time, it is one of the most necessary evil components of self-worth. Idleness and lazyness is fantastic for the annual two-week holiday, but on a daily basis is probably the most certain path to depression.
It is our busy schedule, our lack of time, the need to have more than 24 hours in a day, that actually gives us worth. Slightly more important than what we actually accomplish. By being busy and thus feeling important we find purpose in life. Whatever the outcome
Think about that for a sec and tell me if I am wrong


Anonymous said...

i prefer lazyness than being busy and i can certainly find meaning in that but if u wanna dig deeper on the subject of time read "the Ending of Time" by KRISHNAMURTI. its very interesting


p.s. the book you gave me to read is simply impossible. "the ending of time" is a lot lighter and meaningfull. its a must


Zeta Zizou said...

Yianni mou, what a great pleasure that you keep reading my blog. I am sorry you did not like the book, perhaps if you get it in english. I seriously consider it one of the best books ever written
Btw, the older you get you might change your mind about lazyness.
Thanks for the tip re Krishnamurti's book, I know the guy, an illuminated master; however, existentialism and buddism are two different philosophies, not necessarily contradictory.
I find Sartre more relevant to western cultures but I definitely appreciate eastern wisdom
Perhaps since you find no use of the book you might want to return it? This would also be a good excuse to catch up
Take care

Anonymous said...

of course dear... will do soon

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