Wednesday, 11 November 2009

November is here

Actually mid-november, a month or so since my later posting. In the meantime, we had elections, we had a historic win of PASOK, the first positive signs of the new government, my brother's sudden surgery, the opening of Fastrack, the rushing of my aunt at the hospital and her near-death experiences, the saving of Aristo the Griffon, and many other things that I will slowly comment on, given time constraints
In the meantime, enjoy one of my all time favorite songs that I heard again recently and once more made me bow to the genius of the man who created it.


Rositta said...

He is one of my favourite artists. I lived in Montreal in the day when he played the coffee houses as a relative unknown. I will never forgot those days of my youth...ciao

Shachar said...

gee, so many things in one month! I hope all are healthy now...
Great song of one of the greatest artist ever!

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