Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Die Welle

Absolutely worth seeing especially if you want to understand how strong is the psychology of the masses and how easy some uncomprehensible social phenomena can be explained. Out of nothing a human wave can drown us all, especially those who started it.
The references to Nazi Germany is of course unavoided and necessary to show the heavy historical burden on the otherwise revolutionary, modern, artistic and visionary German youth.
Unlike the French 'Entre les Murs' (see previous posting), Die Welle is telling a story, it is not a dramatized documentary, it is fiction that dramatizes a national nightmare in a classroom. The operative question being: Can we have fascism again?
Brilliant movie, the best I have seen this season so far, a MUST SEE.
Excellent direction and a very promising young cast. The professor is wonderful
Without any hesitation, 5 out of 5

NB: The movie is inspired by a real school experiement in California in 67 and based on a novel by Tod Strasser

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