Thursday, 23 July 2009

Constitutional right

I can hardly believe that there is another self respecting nation that will allow such atrocity. I believe that in the Constitution, it is a constitutional right to have freedom of speech. I guess you can say what you want but you can not believe what you want. Greek Orthodox religion is regulated and directed as part of the Ministry of Education!!!! Actually it is called Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. You will see Greek orthodox priests working as public servants. Oh, BTW, Church is not taxed in Greece but priests are paid by the state. Luvly
Now, in a country that a lot has been said about reforming the educational system, especially the higher education, necessary module to make this southeast European wannabe corner competitive, the State itself is moving backwards. Since when the State imposes on its people the religion to worship? We are still talking here about a country that wants to respect itself as a progressive nation. (Hilarious)
Oh, btw, the typical answers I am getting from the secular part of the ministry is 'we don't know, we can't help you there...hmmmm I don't really know what to tell you...'

I guess I should go to the priests side. Perhaps they can talk to God and answer my questions. Really...Greeks as a people probably deserve the Government they have...including the Religious affairs


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