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Monday, 25 January 2010

Junior is Back

All this time that Junior was gone, I had not cried. For some reason I was hoping that this was not the end of him. Until yesterday I saw Grizoulis on his bed like if nothing happened. Like if he had not been away for more than ten days. So after I saw Grizoulis and fed him, I burst into crying as I thought then that Grizoulis is back, Junior isn't this means that he is dead...
So I cried for some time and then when I was exhausted just sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. Five minutes later Klelia was barking and wanted to get out to the garden. I opened the door without looking and sat on the sofa again. Then a miracle happened. I heard a cat miewing with a very low voice - nothing like Patty or Minnie (Yes, I have to tell you about Minnie - or minou, my new pet addition) - it sounded like...Junior I thought. And immediately I turned my head and he was there looking for me and waiting for his food. As if nothing happened. I was so ecstatic, he started purring the moment I called his name in joy and for ten minutes I just held him in my arms and kissed him. I have never seen a cat hungrier. It is as if he had not eaten in days. Well, served him right for leaving his mummy like that.
So, all good, Junior is back and I am not sad anymore


Shachar said...

Yay!!!!!! Happy for this happy end!

Zeta Zizou said...

I know!!! Thank you Shachar!

Pedro C. said...

I'm happy for him and for you! :)

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