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Friday, 11 December 2009


A couple of months ago, I got a call in the middle of the night by Anna, a friend of mine asking me if I could go up to Pendeli and rescue from the rain and cold a little dog who was thrown out of a car in the darkness and cold.
I went up there and found this white fluffy all dirty fella who despite his fear waived his tail and me and gave me a lovely dog smile (you know when they are relaxed and breath freely with tongue out; it looks as if they smile)
In the beginning I felt overwhelmed for the third dog that entered my house. Two months later, I can not stop feeling devastated that I found such a good home for him that I have to let him go. His new dad is a network engineer but also a sailor and Aristos will be taking sailing trips along with Goofy the other dog of the new family
Aristos, I named him after Aristotle, had a haircut and did not feel shy like other dogs do, his hairdresser was in love with him, his vet was in love with him, Zizou and Klelia are in love with him, I am in love with him, even Patty and Junior get along with him.
Everybody who sees him tells me that I can not give this dog away, I am eaten away by guilt and by the fact that I feel that I am giving away a family member, but I am convinced that at the end it will be better for the dog. I am away too long, I have now with Aristos five pets and I am afraid that I am start not doing such a great job to each individual one. I think more focused attention is better.
Still, I have the new owner swear to me that he will bringing him on Sundays to the park near my house so that all the kids can play and whenever he goes away and he needs someone to look after him, that he will bring him over.
I have dealt with a lot of dogs over the last five years. None will ever reach the personality quality of Zizou but noone has ever reached that close like Aristos.
Not to mention that he is one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen.
It will be very hard for me to let him go but I hope that it will turn out to be to the benefit of the dog


Anonymous said...

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Rositta said...

You know, if I found that dog I woudn't be able to part with him if my life depended on it but I understand your reasons. I had a big black labrador that lived for 13 years and I still miss her. I haven't and can't get a new dog because we travel about three months every year and I would never be able to board a dog that long or take one with me. I make do with visiting with my neighbours dogs when I get a chance...ciao

Glennis said...

Hello cutie little dog, how could anybody be so cruel to you.
Keep the sweet pooch he is worth the trouble.

Zeta Zizou said...

Oh...I know I know. I have a huge rock inside whenever I think about giving him. But then the people that want him are so nice, and he seems to like them and he will be getting attention more hours during the day. I wish I had found him before Klelia. He is a much better dog than she is, although Klelia is extremely clever, she is very naughty
Zizou on the other hand, is like my baby son, so no comparison. But Aristos I have grew to love him the same and it is absolutely killing me the thought of giving him away, but I have promised now and I feel bad of not keeping my promise. Especially since he will be going to a home that the care and attention he will receive will equal if not supercede mine.
Plus I will get to keep him when his new owner will be on holidays or business trips....Oh, I don't know, I wish I had not promised...

Anonymous, thank you for your post, unfortunately I do not undertand Japanese at all

CaliforniaKat said...

I'm glad you went to get Aristos and found him a good home. Loving something or someone means we put them before us, and sometimes that means you cannot be together.

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