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Friday, 22 August 2008

Visiting my family in Paris

When I go to see Helena and her family in France is like visiting my own family. This time it was not an exception.
Michelle, her mum, has been such a gratious host that gave us her house in la Varenne, an exceptionally beautiful suburb, to enjoy for our self for an entire week.

Each one had our room and bathroom - mine was en suite - and we had a huge garden for Chiara to play wer her new bike and Sierra, the dog to run up and down.
I had been in the house in La Varenne in the past as well, but had not spent time there so much before. Usually we were staying in the Grandma's house in Rue de Reines, or her village house and lately in Helena's flat in Issy les Moulineaux. But La Varenne is a suburb with beautiful houses built on the bank of La Marne, a river that is so peaceful that swans and ducks live there, people train on canooing and there is a whole joggers community that meet on a daily basis during their exercise. Since I was not going to spend time clubbing because of little Chiara, I took advantage and did my jogging, strolling, picture taking and generally enjoying the beautiful serene landscape of La Varenne and Le Marne

The jogging and the walking in downtown Paris gave me a combination of approx 7-10klm milage daily. That helped me loose 2kg despite the endless amounts of fromage de chevre and St. Emilion that I consumed :-)
Most importantly I got to spend time with my sister Helena, my niece Chiara and of course La Michelle and Kerdin. I must not forget to mention Sierra, the dog and Leo, the peroquet that completed the family


george g. said...

Helena photo very Romy Schneider.
Michelle photo very naturel, awesome.

Helena said...

your family miss you so much, one week is not enough !!!!

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