Friday, 22 August 2008

Touring Paris

Given that Chiara demanded her mum's attention, I was touring Paris alone. Not that I minded a lot because I love walking and talking pictures and I know that I am not easy to follow. I only stop for a coffee or a snack and the rest of the time I am moving.

The first day I arrived at Chatelet les Halles and walked through le Marais, went down to plage des Vosges, had lunch, then continued toward La Bastille, Port d'arsenal, walked along la Seine, crossed over to l'institut du Monde Arab, went up the roof, took pictures and then walked up to Notre Dame and took the train back from St Michel next to st. Germaine des Pres.

The weather was gloomy which made it perfect as what I described is more or less 10km walking fast - unless stopped for pictures.
My second trip downtown started from Arc de Triomph, I waited about an hour to climb up, then walked down Avenue George V, stopped at Pont D'Alma to pay my respects to the spot that Diana died, walked toward Eiffel Tower, did not dare to wait in line to go up, took about 200 pictures, walked up the small hill to Embarcadero, and then walked down la Seine to the Louvre

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my picture talking and walking - have too many funny stories to talk about with the people that I met - and with the about 600 pictures I took during these two days.
Once again I am pretty sure that Paris is if not the most beautiful, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Pictures speak for themselves.


george g. said...

Excellent photos. Some are of professional level.
Will be interesting to post some of the funny encounters you had on your Paris walks.

Marc L said...

Hi Zeta,

Lovely pictures ! Can't imagine you did the tour in a journey. I know Paris and it would have taken me three days ... ;-))

helena said...

I agree with George, some of your Parisian "rencontres" are missing... what about that old man selling books on la Seine ! ;-))

Zeta Tsatsani said...

Oh, I am going to dedicate a special posting on him haha

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