Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Televised crime on the Amazon

Usually when a person is asked to leave the police corps due to corrupt behavior, the last thing we would expect is that this person should run for office (or should it be the first ?)
Even so, the likelihood of that person becoming an MP should be given in any decent betting agency 101:1. Well, this is not the case of Mr. Wallace Souza, who not only is a member of Parliament but also a very successful TV host of a program whose legitimate intend is to showcase the crime rate in the jungle city of Manaus where law is hardly enforced. His tv show was gaining in ratings as the crew would be there to film the actual crimes, murders as well, while taking place. The police was becoming suspicious of the camera crews being there before they actually arrived and now there is speculation and accusation of Mr Suza actually ordering the murders to increase the ratings. Mr. Suza is also accused of drug smuggling, among other things.. He, along with his son was arrested but was released due to his parliamentary immunity (at least his son is still in prison)
Of course noone should be guilty unless hard evidence is on the table, but it seems like a pattern of corrupt behavior all over again, only this time the abuse of power is criminal - should of course be proved guilty. Needless to say that the evidence the police found in Mr Souza 's home are overwhelming, but I guess nothing is proven yet (remember O.J.?)
In any case, this story reminded me of an 80's Arnold classic, The Running Man, but I never thought we would come to that. Running Man was a famous TV show (time somewhere in the future) where the last man standing would win a prize. There would be professional hunters making it sure that the contestants would not win. Not sure if art imitates life or the other way around...

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