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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

SFSU reunion

Long live facebook! After 15 years, I was able to locate most of my best friends during my MBA year at San Francisco State University and we have all agreed to meet next June for a week of sailing the Greek islands. Sixteen years since we last met all together. Initially the suggestion was NY but we thought that if we wanted to make it summery and warm, we should do the Med. And what better way to experience it than sailing around the islands?
So, sometime next June - hopefully we will all be able to get out of work for a week by then - we will meet in Athens to pay our respects to the Acropolis and then sail away. Where to? Not known yet. Stay tuned
Of all my friends, of course I have kept close contact with Helena over the years,but have not seen the others for a long time. At least 10 years and some 15, since I left beautiful Frisco.
The sail crew will come from all over the world. Helena from Paris, Karine from Monpelieu, Linda from Tel Aviv, Karen from San Francisco, Muriel from Montreal and of course myself from Athens.
A multinational reunion from the coasts of the Pacific to the Mediterranean waters..Pas mal :-)

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