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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Pendeli the day after

All this week volunteers have tried to go over the burnt land and save any animals that we found that were hurt but alive. Unfortunately most animals we found were dead. Not that many animals were found to be honnest. It is either wild life in Pendeli has long been gone or that the fire ashed most of its victims. We found mainly turtles and a few dogs and cats the first day but the more the days progressed the more we would find dead bodies.
Animals sometimes hide for days at a place of safety and we will be placing food and water all next week till we go a week from friday to search for survivors again.
The sight is heartbreaking...apologies for the shocking pictures.
Today after 5 hours and 20 volunteers we were able to save 5 turtles - one badly burnt - and one lizard. The rest we found awful state.
The anger slowly kicks in and takes the place of devastation and sorrow. Anger against almost everybody. The arsonists. The construction companies. The people who bought houses up in the mountain. The politicians. Above all against the citizens who continue to vote for personal gain.
Athens as we know it will die. This was the end.


jack n. said...

Great work. Reme,ber the anger and sorrow on election day!

Zeta Zizou said...

I have found my party for the moment - till they get, if they get, too powerful. I wish we had a government of 30 parties of 10 seats each. Or perhaps we need a junda.
Btw, I added more pictures so you can get angry too.

jack n. said...

I was very angry before seeing these photos. Now I am devastated!

Blasé said...

5 Turtles, great job!

Rositta said...

The photos are hard to look at but necessary to see. I met a Greek man last year who lived most of his working life in Germany. Now retired he returned to Greece. He told me that Greece is the most beautiful country on earth but what the Greeks were doing to it was a crime against humanity (his exact words). I thought at the time that this was a bit harsh but now I wonder. He also regretted giving up his home in Germany...ciao

Zeta Zizou said...

Rosita, your friend was absolutely right I am afraid to say..

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