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Sunday, 23 August 2009

The moral code of animals

Finally!!! It is proven scientifically that animals think, they have emotions, they sympathize with their fellows, they distinguish right from wrong and they employ fair play in their games.
After years of long research, Marc Becov the professor of Evolutionary Biology of the university of Colorado and his associate biologist Jessica Pierce proved their hypothesis that animals have recognizable emotions and moral intelligence.
They were so amazed with their findings that decided to put them in a book
A young female elephant was falling down after a male pushing her strongly. An older female came to her rescue after chasing the male away. A mouse refused to push the button that would bring him food as he realised that the very same button would create an electroshock for the mouse in the neighboring cell. A young coyote will always use fair game in his play; if not the elders of the community will cast him out. A chimp group punishes everyone who comes late at dinner time as noone can start to eat if the whole group is not present. At a particular experiment, chimps had to put a coin in a slot in order to get their foods. The majority of the subjects found out easily how to do it. There was this new female that didn't. An older more experience male chimp did it for her and gave her the food without attempting to steal it.
Dr. Bekov was so amazed with his experiments that he feels that we should learn from animals and be tought life lessons. There is respect between animals and although they all need to survive, they realize that they have a better chance to survive together and there is a very strong sense of collaboration, teamwork, and rules to be respected. In addition, different societies of the same species have their own rules, just like human societies.
But it is not just the collaboration and teamwork. Between animals there is a lot of love, compassion, empathy, and justice. Animals are smart, emotional, they distinguish right from wrong, they think before they act as they evaluate every situation they find themselves in.
Dr Bekov is already working on his second book: Animal Manifesto out in March 2010
You can obtain a copy of Wild Justice from the University of Chicago Press ( but only an e-book at this time as there was a huge demand of the book. It is also retailed at

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jack n. said...

I've read the Becov research and reconfirmed my beliefs about animals.
Excellent post!

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