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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

He should get it

I did watch the movie and Heath is fantastic. Anything I can say is not enough. Amazing performance, impossible to believe that it is the same person that played his other roles. His mannerism, laughter, moves, gestures, voice, everything was different about him. The movie is filled with a 5-star cast, but they all lose their shine when compared to Heath. Even Michael Caine, even Morgan Freeman, even Gary Oldman. But their roles are not that interesting anyhow. Batman is all about his costume. Joker is all about evil. Only Aaron Eckhart may stand close to Heath's performance (btw, I would strongly recommend George to watch Aaron in his 'Thank you for smoking' role, a film making fun of smoking, I am sure you will enjoy it)
Coming back to the batman movie, it is a must see, only because of Heath. And a few times over and over wouldn't hurt. As a movie, oh well...

Here you can watch Heath talk about his favorite role

Heath's fellow actors and film industry experts all agree: HE IS AMAZING

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