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Friday, 6 June 2008

Panygiri tis Analipsis

Last night we had our PANYGIRI in Vrilissia. People rushed in to pay their respects to merchants' booths and to the dozens of cafeterias and meat serving souvlakeries. Oh yes, some went to attend the mass at the church.
We also had a booth. By 'we' I mean our humane society. There are about 20 of us that squeeze in our daily life volunteer work for our 4 (or sometimes 3)-legged friends. Amy was the star of the evening showing off her new coiffure, her new outfit, and her freshly manicured 3 paws.
I have kept her since her operation where she escaped death (and the teeth of a very angry rodweiler) and she is now a part of our 7-member family (besides myself and Amy, the other members are all 4-legged)
We had lots of fan and sold about 150 T-shirts and about 100 hats totalling 1000 euros that equals saving about 6 dogs and feeding more than 50. What we are fighting against is human cruelty over innoscent animals. People hitting or poisoning animals, or living them on the street or somewhere away from home once they decided that they are too big now and not cute puppies any more and want to get rid of them, of neglecting them, of keeping them tighted up in short ropes all their life.
As George Orwell had put it: Four legs good, two legs bad.
We hope not all of them


Anonymous said...

Me entypwsiazeis... me ton topo pou skeftesai, me tis prakseis sou, kapoia pragmata den epidexontai sxolia... eidika otan prokeitai gia synaisthimata kai ola ayta pou kaneis kai pou grafeis pigazoun apo mesa sou kai einai mono aksia thaymasmou.

Zeta said...

Sofoula mou epeidi me agapas ta les ayta. Alla gia na ta leei mia liontarina, e opos kai na to kanw to pairnw epanw mou.
An theleis ypegrafe ta comment sou giati mporei na min katalavw alli fora oti eisai esy
Se filw

george g. said...

Ah you love dogs! I adore them. My Bobby in one of my three loves of my life.You collected 1000 euros fantastic! Good on you as my Antipodean mates would say

Zeta said...

I love dogs and cats (I am afraid :-)
In my profile picture you will see me with the big love of my life (yet to find the other two) Zizou
He is a pug 4.5years old
In the future I will write more about him as about my other babies (in all 3 dogs and 3 cats, but I have a garden)
I knew you were great, but every day you make me think you are greater than I though!!
How old is Bobby? Does he stay with you? Isnt it great to have someone be so happy every time they see you?

george g. said...

Bobby is 8 years old and my daughter picked him up from the streets when he was a puppy. He lives with me, no garden, and I take him for long walks. When I travel I leave him, for a fee, with a lady that he loves. Bobby is very clever but also very jealous and that makes him quite aggressive with strangers.

Zeta said...

Sounds like he is a great mate.
I also take them for long walks. Klelia is around 1year old, found her in the park last august and is very agile. She is half-colley. Amy, you saw in the pictures is a griffon-canish (imiaimo) and can not walk for too long. Zizou, my baby is a pug, hence not much of an athlete and can not walk or run very far as he has problems breething (like all pugs). But he enjoys walks, so I take him to the park either very early in the morning or late in the evening. The garden is good as Klelia and AMY sleep outside. Zizou is behaving like a human as he things he is half dog and half human with a bit of cat influence.
The cats - I will describe their personality at a different time, do as they please, when they please, wherever they please
But they are also very possesive

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

Don't you wish you were hot like Frankie (the Pug)???
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