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Saturday, 7 June 2008


We are now very much into the summer season. 30+ degrees C, can hardly be considered springtime. I am very afraid that the fire season will not be long now as our incompetent central government and equally incompentent local bodies did most likely nothing else but saving their fat bottoms from last year's disaster and consequent constant failings.

I have heard nothing of the oposition either. All I would like for someone to tell me is what are the measures that have been taken to prevent any major catastrophy again. And to remedy the old one(s).
To be honnest, I have heard noone asking either. The journalists have been too busy covering Zaxopouliada, the FYROM-Macedonia name dispute, and of course Eurovision.


lens said...

ama olmadıki şimdi yahu

Zeta said...

???? what language is this?

Anonymous said...


Zeta said...

and what was the comment?

George Georgitsis said...

Ah Zeta I see your blog has gone international!!!!

Zeta said...

Only that I don't understand Turkish

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