Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Inglourious Basterds

By far Tarantino's funniest movie. Although the American filmaker is going from horror to terror and torture scenes are increasing in his movies (don't forget he makes part of the 'hostel' producers team) and Inglorious Basterds does have a lot of scenes that you turn your head away, it is hilarious
Not Jerry Lewis hilarious. More Cohen brothers type hilarious. Brad Pit is super funny. The hillibilly soldier role he plays, he is doing a superb job. His one-liners are inspirational. Oh, let's not forget Pitt's attempt to speak Italian which brings tears. The entire team of his are doing a great job. Especially since their looks don't remind nazi-sculp-takers. They look more like accountants. But they become nazi's worst nightmare. This is part of Tarantino's genius. His genious coupled with his horror kicks gives us Eli Roth in an amazing performance. The actor and producer of Hostel, is a Tarantino buddy and a fellow horror movie fan. He is doing a superb job playing the somewhat deranged American soldier, who kills nazis with his baseball bat. Brutally. He enjoys it. The whole squad does. After all, like Pitt says, it is the only entertainment they can have. Watching nazi's sculls getting smashed...
Christoph Waltz is absolutely fantastic. He plays the super classy nazi officer who speaks four languages and smells jews and finds them, hunts them down, kills them. However, when he sees an opportunity to change sides to his benefit he takes it. Of course not before Aldo the Apachi (Pitt's nickname) marks the nazi cross on his forehead. Waltz's vilain character is outstandingly funny in its evilness.
Waltz is brilliant, the entire cast is, and the scenes are ever so powerful, each of them, all of them.
Perhaps, I would be offended if I were German to portray in such a sarcastic way the germans of the era, but then again, anyone with a decent sense of humor would agree that this is absolutely one of the funniest movies of the season. Of course his portrayal of Americans does not do justice either, equally funny, only that they are on the winning side
At the very end, the movie must fulfill most Jews' fantasy about gathering all top rankng nazis in one closed space and light a fire. Perhaps does not do justice in history, but it must certainly feel good to millions of people.
I guess even modern germans would much rather have it this way after Merkel's speech in Poland this week... Sometimes fiction is much better than the truth..I bet 1000 euros that Merkel would much rather have it done this way if she had a chance to rewrite history!

Had it had less flesh tearing (although the sculp taking mania is part of the hilariousness of the movie) I would give it top marks. But there were many scenes I turned my head away. Therefore I will give it an A-.
Finally Tarantino decides to forget the Bmovie crap (Planet Terror, Death proof) and give us again his unique class we saw in Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction & Kill Bill. Much much funnier this time
Bloody well done!


George Georgitsis said...

Absolute and total agreement with your view on Christoph Waltz performance! Super!

Zeta Zizou said...

Thank you. But you did not think the movie is funny? Cmon. Tarantino is taking recent history's most serious subject and turns it - respectfully - in a fantastic violent comedy. Even the title is funny.
Don't you agree with that?

George Georgitsis said...

"De gustibus non est disputandum" .In matters of taste there is no dispute. :-)

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