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Thursday, 30 July 2009


This is a book directed mainly to academia, but if one is patient enough and has access to the authors to direct questions about the statistical tables or basic principles of politics, it is a superb book
I could not be a prouder sister. My brother Manos was asked to write the first chapter. The book is a compilation of academic articles about the political phenomena in Greece. Manos' article is about old and new dividing structures. By structures he means the social structures as they are depicted in political parties and how these have evolved from traditional ideologies and left-right or center-periphery divide (work-capital in Europe is stronger) to modern political ideologies (economic agenda, ecology, conservativism-social modernization and so on)
The only slight problem is that Manos had struggled with the Greek language a bit and sentences are hefty making it mandatory to be extremely focused when reading it. Definitely not a beach book unless one goes to a quiet beach (Lia :-) and reads through carefully
The way the book is edited, Manos' article sets the framework explaining the political structures and social implications in Greece and providing some contrasts with other European countries. The rest of the articles, very interesting as well, deal with more specific phenomena like the Greek 2007 elections and the submission of duopoly(ND/PASOK) to that of a multi-party parliament(Tsimbras).

Best read I had in years and there is definitely not a single sister on this planet that is prouder than I am.
His other articles are for academic journals and I am trying to get my hands on them and he is now starting working on a book.
Now I understand his obsession of researching instead of teaching. Teaching wastes time of his brilliant analysing talent. Yet, people need to learn from geniuses. Manos is one of them

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