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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

In the loop

British, no matter what they will do, they will be more alternative. They have deeply embedded in their culture the importance to be self-sarcastic, and if delivered with humor, it is a regarded a quality of high intellect.
In consequence, all British comedies embody at least an element of sarcasm, taking the piss, as a favorite British expression has it
In 'In the Loop', the brilliant team responsible are absolutely taking the piss on big political decisions and, of course, politicians.
It is a hilarious comedy, definitely the best comedy I saw since a Fish Called Wanda. It will make you fall from your seat laughing. Oh, it does require a good ear for british english, especially if no subtitles are on. Definitely a must go, especially if you have had experience living in Britain.


elwyn said...

is this on at the cinema or did you get a DVD? I'd like to see it -even though I wonder whether there is really anything fresh to say about the Iraq debacle. I've toned down my sarcasm and irony by 90% since coming to Greece, but still get into trouble sometimes!

Zeta Zizou said...

Hi Elwyn. I saw it in the leicester sq Odeon theater. Not out in DVD yet and not sure when it is going to hit the greek theaters. But you might be able to download it. In any case, definitely worth seeing it, I am sure you will laugh a lot

elwyn said...

ah, I get it! A bit slow today. The real point of your post was that you've just been for a holiday to London - or was it a bloggers convention?

Zeta Zizou said...

The real point was the movie review. London was beautiful as well

givemeabreakjack said...

This Elwyn wants all this free info on where to get the movie etc and after he gets it, then makes ironic comments on the intentions of the blogger in posting it. Apparently his sarcasm has not been toned down enough

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