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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Stray cats

I believe that the fattest stray cats in the world are the ones lucky to live in my neighborhood. Unfortunately they do not allow me to catch them and provide proper medical care so their life span unfortunately is not higher than three years on average, typical average of a stray animal

However, I must say that they have the fattest bellies that I have ever seen in a stray animal. Not to mention that they all wait for me at night when I come home from work. They wait at the entrance of the building howling impatiently for food and giving me the sad angry look for being late.

In the picture you can see Grizoulis sleeping on his bed at my terrace. He is about 13 months old, and I 've known him since he was a few days old. When he was younger he would let me touch him but not any more. He does play with Zizou and Klelia
I have seen him teach his offsprings to cross the road and beware of cars. His wife is a black/yellow/grey cat and they have two cats - both male I think but I am not sure.
His wife is pregnant again so pretty soon the Grey familly will grow.

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