Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Country house for sale

My family is selling a lovely country house 19klm north of Nemea (100klm from Athens), the land of xynomavro vine variety.
In the ancient times, a Lion was terrorising the city but Hercules killed it. In fact it was the first of his twelve labors http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Herakles/lion.html.

The house is a lovely villa on 650m altitude, with a marvellous view of the valley. The main house and the guest house together make up a surface more than 150 sq meters with a marvellous garden around it.
The main house has two bedrooms, one with ensuite bathroom, large kitchen, dining and living room. The guesthouse is a fully autonomous guesthouse with its own kitchen and bathroom with two single beds-
Other facilities include satellite TV, BBQ outdoor terrace, 2-car garage with roof, airconditioning, fireplace, autonomous heating, and in general everything that is required for a very relaxed stay.
The highlight is a huge oak tree that in the summer provides refreshing shade for after sun afternoons. The sea is half an hour away and there are many different choices at this distance (Nafplio, Xylokastro, Kiato)
The village Bozika where the house is located is only 20 min car drive from other very picturesque villages in the area and lake Stylida where in the summer cultural festivals take place.
In fact the location of the village in Korinthia is considered one of the prettiest landscapes of continental Greece.
Selling price is extremely low regarding property value. Fantastic value for money. If you - or someone you know - are interested please contact me (zeta.tsatsani@gmail.com) and I will let you know more details


Rositta said...

My husband wants to know how much? You can email me at rositta@sympatico.ca
I loved Corinth area and Nafplio where we visited last fall. We probably can't afford it anyway but just thought to ask.
What we really need is a one bedroom or studio apartment near Glyfada, furnished for two months in September and October but that's a bit hard to find. I've got six months to find something so if you have any ideas for me I'd be appreciative...ciao

jack n. said...

Very nice summer house. Great vistas

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