Friday, 27 February 2009

What do actors do when they start a singing career?

They get high


gg said...

Great clip Zeta,
It was funny and sad.
David Letterman had some very witty zingers whilst at the same time I felt like he was kicking and mocking a defensless sick man.
It was sad also to see that nobody protected Joaquin as anybody could see in seconds that he was spaced out.
PS Is Joaquin emulating the late Jim Belushi? The "Blues Brothers" shades and outfit plus an actor wanting to become a singer, the drugs etc?

Anonymous said...

Danny Bleed

HEY Zeta,where have you been all these days? Lost in your couch with Keefer's 24?
Joaquin it seems that he follows his brothers tragic fate.
An 8ball cocaine -crack fixing cocktail!
Another one among thousands other artists addicted to drugs.

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