Sunday, 8 February 2009

Shame and prejudice

The last 2 years that I moved back in Vrilissia I have been buying my pet supplies from a particular old and outdated pet shop simply because the lady that run has dedicated her life in helping stray animals. In late 2008 she retired. The shop is now run by the owner. Not an animal lover as the retired lady but out of habit i kept going there. A few days ago when I went for my weekly shopping she asked me if I knew someone to run the shop in the afternoons so she does not have to do it. I told her I knew someone that I could recommend on her competence, loyalty and morality. She was excited. Really? Who is she? I told her my cleaning lady, a very sweet 23-year old albanian girl. Then the oh so shameful happened: She frawned. And gave a really ugly grimace originating from her prejudice against immigrants, especially albanians. That of discust and dismissing it without even blinking. I was so ashamed. To be of the same nationality as she was..
Needless to say, she will not be having my custom again. Prejudice walls will not fall if all of us do not make it our own purpose.


GG said...

Good on you for stopping shopping from that racist woman! I wish more Greeks repudiated bigotry!

minnie said...

elle n'est pas bigotte mais raciste il faut dire les choses par leur nom.
Une anecdote raconte que le seul pays au monde non raciste contre les juifs est l'Ecosse car il n'y a pas de juifs en Ecosse.

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