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Monday, 23 February 2009


I am gutted that Benjamin Button did not win best movie - or at least adapted screenplay. I mean how better can a story get????
On the ohter end, I have not seen Slumdog Millionaire but...anyways promise to see it
Of course I was happy that Heith received the post mortem oscar, that was given - I mean his performance is one of the best ever in any role. The sad thing is that he is not there and I don't think that he will ever stop being missed
Penelope rightfully got the oscar, Kate most probably (have not seen the reader but she was brilliant in revolutionary road). Sean not sure about his oscar as I have not seen the movie, but what a brilliant actor he is - we dont need an academy award to tell us that.
However, if I had to give my own oscar for most captivating cinematographic experience, I would gladly give it to 24!! (my home theater makes it cinema-like)

Congrats to all :-)

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