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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Favorite pictures

At my photography course, we are at the stage of creating our portfolio. That is first of all we have to select a few out of the thousand pictures we took and try to classify them into categories and create an adobe portfolio, a professional software by adobe. Which means in general more computer empowered manhours
I love taking pictures. I love going to school and learn about how to take better pictures and how to view the world differently.
But the hours in the laptop are not my cup of tea. Yet, the beauty is again in the process. There is always something elevating when a process is coming to an end.
Anyhow, selecting pictures is hard, especially when you have four or five approximately the same. But there are some pictures that are both appealing to me for emotional reasons and to the very demanding eye of professional photographers and photo teachers. I don't know what is their opinion of this one, but it is one of my fave pictures of this summer.


george g. said...

It's a wonderful picture, becauses it oozes "mood".
However, me thinks that it would have been super duper if it weren't cropped at the top. I am not a photography expert but it gives me the impression of being a bit short changed. :-))

elwyn said...

Hi Zeta, where is this photography course - do they do complete beginners courses? Have you taken any football photos - I guess they're normally technically difficult because players move around too much, but that would not be a problem with Basinas.

Zeta T said...

Haha :-) Good one on Basinas. The school is called focus, and it is in Zografou (just oposite the villa zografou park)
You can do 2-year or 1-year distance learning (although you have to go one or two weekends a month)
The concept is that it will improve your photo taking no matter what your level is. Check it ouT. If you want more info I am happy to provide. I had done a thorough search before I enrolled. The best photo school in my opinion is Leica's school, but it is 2-year full time and by full time I mean all day. So...
A lot of modern famous greek photographers have graduated from Focus though and to be honnest, it all comes down on how much time - and money - you invest
On the football front, yes I have taken lots of pics, but mainly the fans and the pitch from above as a background (or foreground) to the fans celebrating. As these are scenes that are rarely captured. To get the pro shots of footballers on action, you need to be down, close to the pitch (not really allowed) and have VR (vibration resistant) powerfull zoom lenses that might cost anywhere from 1000 to 2500 euros (the lense alone)
A professional camera starts from 1500 euros (without the lense)
I got mine camera and two lenses (not so powerful though) at 1500 euros used. I will invest in heavier equipment once I feel more confident about myself. To be honnest I will invest in lenses. I will get a new camera when this one gets burned :-)

Zeta T said...

Also forgot to mention, it does not matter if they run or move around, all you need to do is to have a very fast speed. In some professional cameras speed can go up to 1/5000 of a second

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