Friday, 24 October 2008

Beach autumn

Greece is great most times of the year because of many reasons, but the top two for me is that you can go to the beach almost throughout the year and you can almost always find at least one friend who can come along - or who is already there and drags you along.
Monday last, I left work earlish and went to Erotospilia beach, near Porto Rafti. A bit too cold for me to swim - it seemed, but there were a few people swimming and they were not cold. The sea looked lovely. The problem with Erotospilia is that the sun sets behind some rocks and it gets shadowy early. Yet, the dogs loved it. I took both Zizou and Klelia with me. When Zizou understood we were at the sea he went wild, extremely happy running around like a mad dog and stopped only when his breathing got into trouble. Klelia, on the other hand, who had never before seen the sea, opened her eyes completely wide, smelled everything, curious, hypnotized by the new smells and the big blue, and like Zizou the first time, started barking at the waves. She was too scared to go in, but they both enjoyed the beach.
So, only 30min away from home, end of october, the sea is as inviting as ever, if no more, as there were only 6-7 people there and 5 of them were taking diving lessons. That was probably the highest point I had all week if not month. Having one of the largest coastlines in the world is something we should take advantage of. I strongly recommend it.

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george g. said...

Klelia looks so sweet

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

Don't you wish you were hot like Frankie (the Pug)???

Pugs talk!