Tuesday, 2 September 2008

James Blunt at the Fillmore

One of the best things in SF this time is that I got to go to a concert. The upside was that it was unexpectedly good. I suggested to hubby Dominic (a very good friend from Cisco UK), to go and attend a concert while there. So he found great tix for James Blunt at half price.
Blunt's band although known for slow and lounge songs, really rocked the place up.
He really enjoyed it as he got his own camera out at the end, thanking us for being there as it was his first major gig in the US. He had previously played at the Fillmore but as a support to Sheryl Crow.
It was a great night out, not to mention that the Fillmore is a historical SF venue where all the major names of the music history now and then (60s love period) have played.

I wish James and his band a great long career and definitely buying their albums


Lyndel said...

Interesting to know.

Zeta T said...

Hallo Lyndel, thank you
What is interesting?

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