Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Naxos beach life

Not all beach life in Naxos was scary. More like it, we had a grand time. I was usually getting up at 8am, jogging a bit and into the sea at 9am. My mates would usually wake up at 2pm unless someone was arriving with a boat earlier so John would have to go and pick them up from the port. By the time the rest of the company woke up I had already jogged, bathed, sunbathed, and in some cases even had a short siesta.
In the afternoons, I had convinced them all we should really go to the Plaka beach and not that dreadful beach in Agio Prokopio with the million people squeezing in a few square meters.
In Naxos I have read 3 books in one week - only one in Mykonos. The books are coming up later in this blog with a short review
Although I find Naxos not my cup of tea really, at least not in the current mood, I must confess that a whole day at the beach of Naxos goes by really smoothly.
The pictures are the proof.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.photo.gif

In this picture if you look closely you will see me under water. Unfortunately I did not have a waterproof camera so Danny tried his best to take this shot while I was diving

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