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Monday, 16 June 2008

Z&Z are back

The trip to Greece's midwest had its good side. First of all we changed scenery, had a swim in a lovely lovely beach, ate a lot, drunk a lot, saw new places, went to pelion for the first time, met new people etc etc. The only downside was that there was a lot of driving involved and the whole trip was not at all resting.
Back to school today and a very hectic day workwise, so is tomorrow. Yet, will try to squeeze in new postings. I've really missed my blog. It is indeed therapeutic.


george g. said...

1000 klms! Poor Zizou, and what happened to the 3rd Z? dIDN'T HE COME BACK?

Zeta Tsatsani said...

He lives there
Zizou is an angel. Never complained

Pugs are the superior creatures in any planet

Don't you wish you were hot like Frankie (the Pug)???
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