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Friday, 27 June 2008

How to get him out

The only topic that I found equally grave if not graver that the beggining of the fire season, is the crisis and violence in Zimbabwe. All the press world wide is dealing with this crisis as headline news - except of course the Greek press who considers the Siemens scandal and the name dispute of the small poor country that had the mishap to neighbor us as the only two worthy areas of information to their readers.
The economist is publishing a very interesting opinionated article on how to get rid of this obviously insane figure. The Economist of course, is reluctant to offer force as a solution giving diplomacy priority, something that W. did not do in Iraq (of course there is no oil in Zimbabwe). I agree. Force should always be the last resort. But it should be prepared and Mugabe should understand that he can soon be under siege. Sometimes the threat of force is more powerful than force itself. The West is turning their back on Mugabe. Well done! The problem is that they have turned their back on the poor African people a long time ago. They need to act asap.
It is worth reading the economist article at

NB: My top gravest topic is always the unethical treatment of animals, but that is never in the news


gg said...

Good posting but the selected photo says it all. "Genial"

Zeta Tsatsani said...

Thanks. That's the photo in the economist article.

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